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Hexham Abbey

Key Stage 1 & 2

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- Introduction
- Thinking Skills
- Mystery
- P4C
- Thinking for Learning
- Border Life KS2
- Border Life KS3
- Interactive Archie &   Mary Mystery
- Hexham House of   Correction
- Hexham Abbey
- Historic Dilston
- Wylam Railway



Religious Education

Although the subject is not part of the National Curriculum schools must teach it to all their pupils as part of the basic curriculum. Apart from voluntary-aided and religious schools, this is done according to a ‘locally agreed syllabus’ through each local education authority. The provision of RE promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural, social and intellectual development.

Suggestions for Use

Pupils visit Hexham Abbey and/or the Abbey website to investigate the story of the (If making a class visit remember that Hexham Abbey is a living church in daily use and book in advance).

Develop pupils’ understanding of the meaning of place.

Download Discover Hexham Abbey Teachers’ Pack pdf - (852kb) for a ‘guided tour’, with activities, of the Abbey.

Learn about the sorts of things that can be found in religious buildings and why they are important.

Download The Abbey Animal Trail pdf - (7kb) for younger pupils to enjoy on a class visit to the Abbey.


Learn about the Abbey history from its construction through the ages to the present day.
Roman and Anglo-Saxon connections.


Story writing about features in the Abbey, such as the stained glass windows, carvings, the crypt, night stairs. Write about the some of the holy people associated with the Abbey.

Reenact a scene from the Good Samaritan stained glass window.


Find shapes in the Abbey, such as triangles, squares, circles, cubes etc.


Learn to respect the religious beliefs of other peoples.


Using ICT as an integral part of the lesson.

Art & Design

Make a model of a feature of the Abbey - design a new stained glass window - create a grotesque.


Finding a route around the Abbey from a plan, on a class visit.
Completing the Abbey Animal Trail.

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